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Gaia e SDi

Gaia e SDi

The Silk Market

- Hablas espanhol ... Hello, speak english ... how yeah, so nice, please come and see .... We have the best silk ...
«And then the price and the discussion are installed and we cant do anything... »
- She said: you are so a bad guy!! ... you are so terrible gruuurr... Why you do this? This is a good price ... Why you want to go and see ... you mean walk away ? I show you more ... see the quality... But, why are you going to another shop? ... I don´t beelive in you, you don´t return, I know, you don´t?
« And then all of us are smilling ... a so beautiful smile in a so beautifull peaceful place ..., but»
Then it becames again ...
- What ? I ask you 600 RMB and your price is only 125 ... Impossible. That´s impossible.
- Let me explain again ... If I don´t like you, my offer is 125 RMB. If I like you my price is 175 RMB. As we like each other and we are doing our best, we must close our business and for that I offer you 140 RMB.
- No, is no possible, how can you ? you already offer me 250 RMB. I heard it from you..
- Yes, but nice girl as I already told you, it was thirty minutes ago ... and remenber you began with 600 RMB.
- Urgrrr ... Terrible man, why are you doing it with me? OK! ok .. ok and ok . Give me 175 RMB ... I don´t know why you choose me ... why are doing this.
«the collegues and other persons were seeing that kinf of funny business»
- 145 RMB
- 165 RMB
- No, last offer 150 RMB
- 160 RMB ???
Ok, 155 RMB, you agree?
- Ok ... ok ... finally the end ... give me please your money ... and have a nice day terrible guy.

SM, palavra fractal