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Gaia e SDi

Gaia e SDi

quase se me acaba o mundo sem esperar no prazer

Andava eu sossegadamente viajando em mandalas extraordinários, duma beleza incrivel, com o som em puros "shamans" e de repente quase se me acaba o mundo. Eu sei que se fizermos uma bola e tentarmos nela encontrar os múltiplos vectores e forças que actuam em todo o mundo, será difícil imaginar uma solução orientada para os 6, e tal biliões de pessoas. Que na Terra temos o Universo, nas rochas e componentes, que nas pessoas que nos rodeiam temos a humanidade, como partes duma só parte onde enésima de um fractal possuímos a grande realidade para a integrarmos no todo.
Throughout history from time to time, people believed that the end was near, and they were always wrong. The fact, however, remains that we can’t foresee the future, but what we can do is live with hopes of the future and optimism. We can only watch it with curiosity and skepticism and hope that all the oracles’ prophecy of doomsday are wrong.

It is a fact that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, but should not we also consider that the initial date of the start of the Mayan civilization was 3113 B.C. and one complete cycle of the Mayan calendar would be 5,125 years in the future, i.e., Dec. 21, 2012, hence explaining why the Mayan calendar mysteriously ended on December 21, 2012! Even the Mayan priests who are currently living and working in Guatemala state that the so-called “Mayan Prophecy for 2012?, as stated by the new agers who have absolutely no idea of Mayan culture and religion, is a complete nonsense!

So why these touts and publicity of the End Of The World In December 21, 2012? Well, I’d like to ask you one thing: Doesn’t these “End Of The World” predictions sound interesting and curious enough for you to consider buying a book worth $20? Exactly! This is what I think these are targeted at!

All the oracles try to be as vague as possible, and even Nostradamus was right a lot of the time because whatever he predicted was so vague and so unclear that it could possibly mean millions of things. It is up to us how we interpret these vague prophecies, so it does not necessarily mean we are interpreting exactly what the oracle meant!

"Mayan Calendar: The ancient Mayan calendar states that the world will end in December 21, 2012. The Mayan civilization flourished in Central America from the 6 A.D. to 9 A.D. They were obsessed with time-keeping, and in fact, their calender were so incredibly precise that its interlocking time scales of lunar, solar, and planetary cycles could accurately predict solar/lunar eclipses thousands of years into the future. This accurate calendar however mysteriously ends on December 21, 2012!"

"There have been hundreds of “End Of The World” predictions in the past and none have come true till now. So, is this just another attempt to sell various stuffs related to Doomsday - December 21, 2012? Many people are in fact interested in knowing more about this."

Mayan Mandala

As we approach the year 2012 we should all pay attention to thepredictions of the Mayan civilization.
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